A fully scalable cloud based reservations and back office system
that can combine multiple components.

TravelThing™ is a revolution in travel software from Travel Technology Systems; the first customisable, commercial strength, fully scalable new reservations and back office system developed in a generation. TravelThing™ is what the industry has been waiting for.

Developed using cutting edge components and clustering technology to be blistering fast and fully scalable, TravelThing™ offers a vast range of benefits that are not all available from other systems, including:

  • Open interfaces allow your own developers to extend the solution in all key areas;
  • Available using a variety of commercial models including SAS (Software as a Service) and transaction fee basis;
  • Cloud based infrastructure with the ability to handle thousands of concurrent users;
  • The ability to sell air, hotel, transfers and cruise - in fact, just about any sort of travel component you can imagine;
  • Fully integrated back office system;
  • FIT (Flight Inclusive Tours), package and dynamic packaging;
  • Available as components - if you simply need a back-office system or a reservations system and not both that’s fine, we can integrate with your existing systems;
  • A state-of-the-art workflow management system built into the heart of the reservations process - say goodbye to those pesky excel spreadsheets that cause your operations team so much grief!

Let us be frank. The chances are that the systems your business is using were engineered around 20 years ago, and are no longer sufficient in our much-changed market place. You have probably known for some time that changes are required, but adaptations to your systems are limited by the prohibitive cost and constrained by lengthy engineers lead-times. No longer; TravelThing™ is the game-changer.

TravelThing™ can help you

You need a system to connect to your 5 partner cruise lines, a GDS for flights and a couple of bed banks for some hotel content. Then you want to allow your clients to combine the aforementioned into a single basket, sell the product on your own website, then punch the booking into your own back office system. TravelThing™ can help.

You need to sell city breaks with rail and hotels for the UK, and flights with your preferred airline, via the GDS and then you need a back office system to manage the bookings, handle the day-to-day accounting and document production. TravelThing™ can help.

You need to add some connectivity on your own reservations system to a number of bed banks quickly to create more options for your clients. TravelThing™ can help.

Your own development team want a new reservations system. They lack the skill to deliver it, but have the skill to extend something that handles the fundamentals. TravelThing™ can help.

You want to move your back office solution to a new cloud based platform, migrate your existing reservations and history and you want to add some international resource to help with the day-to-day back log that your own team are struggling to cope with. TravelThing™ can help.

The market has significantly changed with internet opportunities rapidly evolving, if you want to embrace a new innovative technological solution that allows you to grasp the opportunities that the internet offers then, talk to us because… TravelThing™ can help.

If you want to embrace the opportunities that the internet offers then talk to us because… TravelThing™ can help.

Commercial agility meets technological brilliance

TravelThing Augments

The augmentation engine is designed to apply specific changes to a message both outbound and inbound.

TravelThing Combines

The combination engine is designed to make up packages from disparate components.

TravelThing Filters

An intelligent solution that allows a response to be filtered out if a set of criteria is matched.

TravelThing Prices

A truly unique technology to make complex pricing packages easy to aggregate; from flexible mark-ups to seemless real-time conversion of currency.

TravelThing Engages

A content engine that is specifically geared to deliver static and dynamic content to a response.


  • WEB

TravelThing™ is...

TravelThing™ is quick, very quick; with the ability to process requests through the system's engine in a few tenths of a second. This system employs an intelligent cache, and this cache monitors the requests that pass through it building up a profile of high use requests. Incredibly, these high utilisation points shift with time. In fact, the system simply does not slow down under load, meaning TravelThing™ is extensible at every choke point and it will cope with whatever loads you wish.

TravelThing™ is a best of breed multi channel selling system boasting a multilingual and multi-currency booking journey.



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