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intuitive’s iVectorOne now available in Erin, our travel management and reservations platform.

Travel Technology Systems (TTS) is pleased to announce its partnership with intuitive, the travel technology provider.

As part of this collaboration, intuitive’s single API hotel aggregator, iVectorOne, has been successfully integrated into Erin, TTS’s SaaS travel management and reservations platform. This integration empowers agents and operators to effortlessly incorporate new bedbanks and accommodation suppliers into their systems with minimal investment.

Through the integration of iVectorOne, travel agents and operators gain seamless connectivity, enabling them to efficiently integrate a wide range of accommodation suppliers. This streamlined approach simplifies the process of expanding inventory, maximising efficiency without compromising speed or performance.

“We are thrilled to partner with intuitive and integrate iVectorOne into our platform Erin. This integration will enable our clients to seamlessly increase their connectivity with accommodation suppliers through the API, providing access to a vast accommodation and bedbank inventory.”  said Chris March, Founder and CEO of Travel Technology Systems.

“We are excited to share the news of our collaboration with Travel Technology Systems. We understand the challenges involved in integrating various suppliers, which is why we developed iVectorOne to streamline the process. As a result, we are now uniquely positioned to provide invaluable support to other tech firms. Such partnerships in the industry are reducing connection cycles and bringing significant benefits to end customers.”

– Andy Keeley, commercial director of intuitive.

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