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Travel Technology Systems Ltd., announces iSki as a new client for their leading travel management and reservations platform, Erin.

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Travel Technology Systems Ltd., proudly announces their partnership with iSki, a renowned player in the travel industry. iSki has chosen Erin, the cutting-edge travel management and reservations platform developed by Travel Technology Systems Ltd., to enhance their customer experience and streamline operations.

Erin is a cloud-native platform that revolutionises travel management, providing advanced capabilities for seamless reservations and efficient travel planning. With the selection of Erin as their travel management and reservations platform, iSki is positioning itself at the forefront of the industry by embracing innovative technology solutions. Erin’s flexible architecture allows iSki to easily adapt to evolving market demands, ensuring their competitiveness in the rapidly changing travel landscape.

“We are thrilled to welcome iSki as our esteemed client,” said Chris March, CEO of Travel Technology Systems Ltd. “Partnering with iSki reinforces Erin’s position as the go-to platform for modern travel businesses. Our advanced features will empower iSki to transform their travel management and deliver an exceptional experience to their customers.”

Through this collaboration, iSki will leverage Erin’s comprehensive suite of tools, including real-time stock management, online selling, seamless integration with 3rd party connectors and extensive reporting capabilities. This will enable iSki to streamline operations and increase efficiency to provide greater customer satisfaction.

“iSki is enhancing our consumer experience by partnering with Travel Technology Ltd to continue with our vision of continual improvement by integrating the latest innovations, that provide real benefits for our clients and the organisation.”

James Pickford, COO, iSki.

Travel Technology Systems Ltd., is looking forward to a successful partnership with iSki and supporting their journey towards efficient travel management and increased customer satisfaction.

About Travel Technology Systems Ltd.

Travel Technology Systems Ltd., is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the travel industry. Their flagship product, Erin, is a cloud-native travel management and reservations platform that enables travel and leisure businesses to transform their operations and exceed customer expectations. With an extensive range of features and a focus on user-centric design, Travel Technology Systems Ltd., is committed to empowering their clients to stay ahead in the dynamic and competitive travel market.

About iSki

iSki is a renowned player in the travel industry, offering comprehensive travel services and packages to ski enthusiasts around the globe. With a commitment to delivering remarkable experiences, iSki is dedicated to providing personalised, top-notch services and exceeding customer expectations.