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Yourgolftravel and selected TTS in 2020 to create an API caching and aggregation engine to support availability requests and direct connect bookings for the Golf and Spa industries. The engine needed to interface into multiple core data providers to provide real-time, up-to-date, availability and booking functionality to support the websites and the highly specialist contact centre golf & spa consultants. The engine also had to support the complex booking journeys developed by the different industry providers, and also be API driven to support requests across the different in-house sales channels. TTS were chosen due to their experience in successfully developing highly scalable and flexible integrations across every element of the travel customer journey.

The engine provides instant response times, has automated a previously highly manual process, delivered efficiencies across both businesses, and continues to be developed and expanded upon. The team at TTS have worked closely with the internal agile project team, and also external parties, to deliver a robust and scalable solution that has delivered many successful business outcomes for Yourgolftravel and for We plan to continue building on what has become a great partnership with TTS with further projects in the future.

Mark Thompson
CIO, Palatinate Group